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I'm trying to create a Matrix/Spreadsheet

Marc Bruvry

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This may not be so simple as I thought.

I'm trying to eliminate the transfer of data from the database to a spreadsheet. The "grid" is some 30 x 35 matrix on the spreadsheet.

Example: if the program = "Beach Walk" and the grade level was = "Pre-k/k", put the total of the programs taught in a matrix grid square (this would be a numeric container field???) say, A1.

So far I've been able to come up with the total count of all "Pre-k/k" programs by using Field Definitions:

(first finding the individual records that fit the criteria)

Field Name: Sum of PreK K

Type: Calculation

Options: If (Age Grade Level = "Pre-k/k";1;0)

['Age Grade Level' is a defined field and comes from a value list]

And then, adding a second definition that sums all of them:

Field Name: Total PreK K

Type: Summary

Options: Total of Sum of PreK K

This is fine and dandy, but I've only summed the first parameter - Pre-k/k programs. Now I need to pull out just the ones that were "Beach Walks" (haven't gotten that far yet.)

And, that's just the first square!!! I've got (30x35) 1050 squares in this grid!!!!!

I am in this for the long haul, but I sure as heck don't want to be barking up the wrong tree for very long. Any ideas on how to make this simpler???

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I haven't said anything about pasting and/or repetitions. To get better advice, you could provide some more details, like what does your solution track, which tables do you have, and WHY do you need a matrix type display (Filemaker is not a spreadsheet, and grid display is not one of its stronger points).

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Sorry, I miss understood your reply.

We teach Educational Programs (about thirty different ones) to Students (about ten different Grade Levels) from various Counties (about 35). I am trying to report:

How many Educational Programs were taught to each Grade Level.


How many Educational Programs were taught in each County.

I realize that these are two separate reports. Therefore, I am trying to display each in a matrix format.

I understand that FileMaker is NOT a spreadsheet program and does not lend itself well to this type of format. But surly someone else has been down this road before me.

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It seems to be in the vicinity of what we toyed with in this thread:


Not that it's rocket science in any way or can't be trimmed faster with more dedication... but give it some thoughts!


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This topic is 5777 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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