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Need help with strategy for spill over text

phil goodwin

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Hi -- can you help me with the best way to approach the problem of having set up a layout which is fine until... one of the fields has too much text in it.

I've attached a screenshot of my layout. It's for a database of video tapes. It fits onto one sheet of A4.

But there's too much shotlist information to fit in the box.

What next? Is it a tab control? I can't work out what I need.

I don't want to create a second page for every record -- only those that need the spillover text.

Thanks for any help.

Phil -- Filemaker infant. Please be gentle.


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One alternative might be to create a new table for shotlist items - one record per shot.

You could then run your report from that new table which would automatically create the required number of pages for the shotlist items in your found set. ie if your layout is only big enough to display 35 shots but there are 45 shots you will get 2 pages.

The other detail can be brought into the report by relationship. It will mean redesigning your layout but since that doesn't work for all cases anyway you are going to have to compromise on something.

If you really want to keep your layout as it is another alternative would be to create the same table, again 1 record per shot, and set up a portal in place of the shotlist field.

You could then count the number of related shot records and if it is more than the number of rows in your portal have your script go off to another layout that prints out the extra rows on another layout

Some food for thought anyway



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This topic is 5778 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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