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delete/fix corrupt layout?


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I have a layout that i duplicated. I was making changes to the duplicate layout (moving stuff around, copying parts of another layout) - basically updating the layout, but not making changes to the existing layouts to prevent any issues.

While working on the layout, the file closed me out of the server (disconnected me or something, we are still looking into why this has happened twice in the past month, but never happened before)

And since i was in edit mode, i think the crash may have messed up the layout. everytime i attempt to go to that layout, filemaker pro freezes up on me!

How can i remove this layout or recover it?

I copied the entire file and tried to run recovery on the copy of the entire database file, and there were no problems from what recovery reported - there was nothing wrong either from what i can see.

Is there any way to get this database back without risking loosing any data in that database?

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If you have a clean copy of the file, either a clone, or before the crash, you should use that; import data from the recovered file into it. Stop the Server and work on the files locally.

Recover is not meant to be used to fix files, despite the (IMHO) wishy-washy documentation. It is to recover data, which it does aggressively, possibly removing structure to do so. I'm not a FileMaker technical expert, but that's my understanding.

If you absolutely have no backup, then you should be taken out and shot; just kidding, sort of :)-] Another makeshift technique I've heard of to remove a corrupt layout: Go to a good layout; make it really tall. Go to the bottom. Go to the bad layout (with no elements showing on the screen). Delete it.

But this is mostly for removing a corrupt graphic. That is, otherwise the file was fine. It doesn't really sound as if that was your problem, since yours were existing layout objects that you were just moving around.

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This topic is 5777 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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