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Bad Printing Problem


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I print an attendance roster of members eligible to attend faculty meetings, some who have voting rights, some who do not. If a vote is going to be taken in the meeting, we need to accurately count the number of voters to establish whether a quorum has been reached, in order to make the vote official. I used to have the names formatted as such: printed in red for voters and black for non-voters. But these prickly professors were offended by being marked in red (or not marked in red), so I created a calculation field which displays a discrete * by the names of the voters so we can take our necessary count.

Here's the problem. In two places on the page when I print the roster, the *'s don't print right. They drop to below the underline, and all you can see is just a hint of it (see attached file "Roster with Flaws": look at "Lewis, Harry" and "Machinist, Peter" and the corresponding slots on the next page). No matter how many pages the report ends up being (usually 10-15), these two spots always have the same problem. I've even printed the roster on different printers to no avail. I've also attached a .pdf which illustrates my layout.

This has actually happened in other reports, but those aren't circulated so I never worried about them before. This is a BIG problem -- my boss worries that an incorrect count can invalidate a vote. I worry more that this inexplicable formatting snafu, which I cannot predict, is happening with my reports. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Lisa



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This topic is 5768 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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