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Applescript & Webviewer

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I'm only vaguely guessing where this is leading, what kind of task are the scripts handling?

1. Can you create an applescript to execute a script in FileMaker

2. Can you create code for a web browser to execute applescript

I think that's what ACGI is meant to deal with.


Can you embed applescript into a webviewer html page to execute filemaker scripts?

With some calculated siftings might you get something usefull by...


...into a field wich is referenced by this function:


But at first sight does it seem pretty bysantine, making one wonder if something havn't been ignore along the line??


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Hi Soren,

Its more trying to get a hyperlink or button in webviewer to execute a filemaker script...

These seem like the two issues that would need to be tackled in order to achieve this.

Was trying to avoid anyone getting confused with IWP... as i can see some pretty amazing posibilities if these two questions can be answered.

Was assuming applescript would be supported by the safari framework in some way... but maybe its a security risk.



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Worst thing is that I've seen it done, the webviewer pulling up new browser windows making custom dialogs in a IWP solution, not knowing the trickery behind except it's something done in javascript ...but I lack enough JS knowledge to grasp how it's done.


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This topic is 6129 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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