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Runtimes and Hosted files


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Hi all.

I have a question regarding creating runtimes. Firstly, I am relatively new to Filemaker 8.5 (Dabbled quite a bit in vers 3 but alot has changed). I have created a Db in Filemaker 8.5 and am now trying to share it on a network. I had the idea of creating a runtime to do it. Here is what I have done.

Let's call my datbase file "Clients". I have 6 users who will need to access the file. Up to now, I have been using Filemaker Server to share it as a webpage, but this is not ideal as I am restricted by certain HTML rules which I am not restricted to by using the Filemaker Application.

I created a second Filemaker Pro file called "portal" which Is essentially a giant button that when clicked, takes you to the served "clients" file on the remote FM Pro Server. This works 100% in Filemaker 8.

Now I create a runtime of this "portal" file. Launch it and then it says "Cannot find "clients.USR" when I click the giant button that works fine when launched from within the Filemaker Pro Application.

Please offer assistance if you know what I can do to rectify this.

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A runtime is a facility that allows ONE user to use the file without having a licensed copy of FMP loaded or running. As such therefore a bound runtime cannot be used over a network (unless everyone has a copy of FMP).

The message you are getting about 'clients.usr, is FMP telling you that it is looking for the part of the runtime that is called 'clients' which in your case of course does not exist



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This topic is 5759 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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