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Displaying records from multiple tables in separate table


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Hi, I am re-building a database originally created in FM5 in FM8.5. In the original file, records were always sorted by a numbering scheme that numerically showed records as being parents and children of each other.

For Example (each line is a record, and each set of double digits divided by a "." represented a different type of record.):o











I could then sort by the above numbers and see visually which records belonged to what records by the simple fact of them being stacked like an outline.

In my re-build I am taking advantage of multiple tables and creating a table for each set of two digits. So, each type of record is now in a table of its own.

My question is how can I generate a report/list view that will show all the records from the multiple tables together and in the same sorting order as above.

I've approached it with portals, but have run into a couple problems like sorting multiple tables into each other and the fact that there could be an infinite number of child records under any number of parents. I've always got the option of combining everything into one table again, but would prefer to do this the right way (if there is one).

Any suggestions would be very welcome.



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This can easily be done by using a sub-summary report on a layout based in the child table. The Body part may or may not be used for showing the records for that table. Sub-summary parts may or may not be used for grouping the records by Parent and/or Grandparent. When the records are sorted by their sub-summary fields, the parts will show in Preview Mode and on printouts.

I'd recommend avoiding your weird custom ID numbering scheme in the new structure. Regular Auto-enter serial numbers are fine. Using the relational structure instead will be more flexible and easier to maintain.

If you get stuck, it will help us to have some actual tables and fields to talk about. Maybe even a screenshot of the relevant part of the relationship graph.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Creating my layout with sub-summaries seemed to get me closer.

I'd like to be able to view them in list view under browse mode though. And, unfortunately, I can't change the way it's numbered. It needs to match other material numbered this way.

But, It occurred to me that I can set up my relationships a little differently and achieve what I'm looking for.

I've attached the relationship graph though, in case anyone is interested.




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This topic is 5762 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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