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Another NewB Portal Query


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Situation: A laboratory setting, in which

Patients (with personal information) need one of 3 types of Tests (with information). One Test (A) at times requires SecondLevel Testing (results are distinct but must later be analyzed jointly).

I created tables:

  • PatientInfo

I need a layout (based on PatientInfo)

that will

a) allow me to create a Test (A,B or C) through a portal

:o disallow the creation of the other 2 tests once the serial number has been used for another top level test and still allow me to create a sublevel test with the same number....



Patient1 (Joe Smith) entered in PatientInfo layout

needs "TestA".. . need portal to create Patient1_TestA. This must disallow entry of Patient1 into TestB or Test C

If result Patient1_TestA requires it, must be able to do similar at next sublevel.

I have the portal and can create TestA

I don't know how to restrict further Tests from being created.


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My thoughts goes this way - instead of validating would I strain the options dynamically....

The way it works, is to create a new record and option {a,b,c} shows up in the right portal, then after one of the buttons have been pressed the portal changes.

I do not think the number of tables originally suggested are justified, since as they are in my table ...are pretty similar in content, you could always make a subsummary report or some selfjoin relation to make the grouping of the data required.



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This topic is 6116 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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