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One Layout or Two?


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Ok, I’m lost as an Easter egg on this one.

This is kind of a layout question so I will post it here.

I have a report that can be printed two ways…either by button 1”All Hours” or by button 2 hours “By Year” for an individual.

The “All Hours” of the report I have in place and prints great.

Now to my question: if the user selects button 2 to print the hours “By Year” I am attempting to have something in place so that they can select a drop-down to reflect the year they wish, and the report will print all hours of the report for that selected year.

Can I do this via a drop-down selection, or will they have to manually enter the year?

Will I have to script something for each year: */*/2006

Or am I going about this the wrong way. And need to create two separate layouts to accomplish generating the report in two different ways.

Also I have been thinking about joining FM Forums…and would like others input...is it worth it or should I just make a Donation?



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No make a calc'field Year(theDate) the breakervalue and make a subsummary report, perhaps sorted descending makes most sense with the summary shown first followed by the records - this way could you choose only to print the newest first.

If you follow the wizzard, will you be prompted if you need to make a script ...then do it for both reports, you can always merge them later if needed.


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This topic is 5758 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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