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Count of days that was absent.


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In my educational Database I have a related table of how many days a student was absent. I do care for how many days the student was absent and not present because this has no meaning for me.

The table fields are:

Attendance:??? AttendanceID

Attendance:: StudentID

Attendance:: Date

Attendance:: KindList: Excuse or no excuse

I need to count all the records that a student has to this table in order to know how many days was absent from school per school year. As it is well known there is a limit of absenteism to promote the student to next grade.

But to know all the records that a student has to the table of attendance is not enough because there is a difference between the limits of excuse or no excuse days of absent.

So I need to count and know at once:

1.The number of days (records) that the student was absent.

A way is: Count(Attendance::studentID)from the related table.

2.How many of those days were excuse or no excuse.

I do not know if it needs a list or a separate table to hold this.

3.If it is possible to filter days of absenteism, excuse or no excuse for a time period.

Probably it needs a separate table.


I know that I have to try but some thinks are over of my efforts..

Please reply if this topic does not belong here.

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I do not understand how can I connect your file with my job I am doing write now if it is very impresive I confess.

The issue is simple and it is like:

Costumers are black and white. How many black and how many white costumers do we have. I believe that FM can do this with an easy way.

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Alright the file makes each row in the portal covering a week, the type of presence/absence is made by a code that the teacher enters for each student in the correct day...

The template is based on the smartsummary algorithm made by Mikhail Edoshin: http://www.onegasoft.com/tools/fastsummaries/index.shtml

...which is a scripted way of finding a found set of the students who have attended lectures enough to pass... by adding the p or a or the l's for each week, giving a number from 1...5 for each week - while the T and t30 is something else used in other summaries.

BTW can the calc' be simplified with a fm8.5 introduction:

Length ( Filter ( Upper(List ( Weekdays) ) ; "PAL" ) )

Because the data is entered arbitrarily must the data be sorted on the foreignkey as breaker value or grouping if you wish. When a total for a certain foreignID is found, can all records either all be omitted if the attendance is too low, or all except one if the person behind the foreignID fullfill the criteria...

This algorithm stains the number of records to one single record for each who pass the criteria, enought to make the fm8 introduced feature GTRR(FS) to find the main record for those, as a found set a table away. The ones who should be prevented continuation is found by a show omitted.

Finally does an table deal with holidays and national events allowing justified absense.


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This topic is 5760 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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