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getting fields not in portal to show in join file

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I'm setting up a database to record the information for train purposes. I have a file with all the student's and another with the Classes. I've tried many, many different things using 1 and 2 join files and I get the same results.

Here's what I want for my final results (omitting many records, if I can get a couple of them to work I should be able to get the rest):

ClassName DateofClass StudentName ClassStatus(radio button w/ Requested, Taken)

Every record in the above file should have an entry for all of the above fields

My problem is that I'm trying to take a shortcut in my data entry. I'm entering the data in a file that looks something like the following:



ClassStatus O Requested O Taken

Portal with StudentName

The results I'm getting: A record is created for every student in the portal, but only the first record has ClassName, DateOfClass and ClassStatus.(every record does have the matchfield)

I don't want to keep entering the date and other info that are not in the portal for every student.

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I'm not sure I followed you structure. "A file that looks something like the following" is exactly which file? wink.gif" border="0. I'm not quite sure what your question is. You seem to be having trouble with data entry?

Students and Classes is a classic example used to illustrate the use of a join file. A record in the join file between students and classes is a student/class. You can build this record in the join file from either the students side (a student has these classes) or the class side (a class has the following students). On half of the indices required can be enterd automatically for you by entering the record in a portal. If you are entering classes for a single student from the student file, the student number is known and is set by entering data in the portal row. The index for the classes for this student is created by selecting a class in each portal row for the student manually. It works the same way if you are in the class file on a given class record entering students into a portal. In this case the class index is automatically entered, but you have to select the students. Minimizing the entry of duplicate data is done by writing scripts to help automate the process.


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