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Recovery Errors


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I performed a Recovery on (a copy of my file). It had 10 ghost records and I saved as compacted clone first; didn't help. I've tried everything. This file has never crashed. But that's not why I'm posting. 8.0v3 clients, Windows 2003, FMS 8.0v4.

After the Recover, FM provided this summary:

____ bytes were salvaged

0 whole records were skipped

0 field values were skipped

1 lost field definition were rebuilt

I want to know where the lost field definition is! I searched my entire hard drive and find no log which provides detail about what FM found. It would be so easy for FM to give us this information; after all, it knows as it skips a record or field; it knows when it rebuilds a layout; and FM certainly knows which field definition was rebuilt!

Why tell us there was a problem but not WHAT the problem was. BTW, I'm about ready to go to separation model. My 500,000+ LineItems has problems which I can't eliminate no matter what I do. There is something to be said for modular design where one file can be replaced, instead of dealing with a 918MB single file full migration.

Come on, FileMaker, if you are going to tell us there is a problem, at least produce a log of what you found out - or don't bother telling us at all! Now ... if there *is* such a log and I couldn't find it, I'll feel silly. But I've been searching (Help, Tech Info etc) and can't find any indication that such a log exists. It also bothers me that all we get is a dumb dialog that MAY disappear after recovery if I lost power or walked away from my desk and a User dismissed the dialog. Recovery on this file takes 4 hours! It should produce a text LOG! But I guess since it doesn't tell me anything about what was found, I shouldn't care. Geez.


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This topic is 5699 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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