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Problem with setting 2 different search parameters in one layout


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I have designed a report (called a Medical Service plan or MSP) layout that uses several portals to display data that falls with a specific range defined by the user. I created relationships between my MedSerPlan (the MSP table) and the various other tables and everything works fine.

I have one portal where I want data on medications (both current and discontinued) displayed from the date a client enters our program through the end date of the search defined by the user. This portal worked on one MSP but then when I created a second one for a different client it did not work correctly (it displays nothing. This is how I defined the relationship between the MedSerPlan table & the ClMeds (table that contains data on client medications):(

MspClFName = MedClFName

And MspClLName = MedClLName

And IntakeDateMsp <= MedStart

And SearchEndMsp >= MedStart

Msp ClFName & LName are field for the first & last name of each client.

IntakeDateMsp is a field on the MedSerPlan table that is a calculation. I have another table with information about each client called Facesheets. The Facesheets table has a field for date of placement called, you guessed it, DatePlacement. I set up IntakeDateMsp as a calculation where IntakeDateMsp= Facesheets::DatePlacement. IntakeDateMsp is not set up as a global variable.

MedStart is the date field on the ClMeds table that indicates the date a medication was started.

SearchEndMsp is a global variable that is entered by the user on the MSP layout.

I know this is confusing but if anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated.

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This topic is 5696 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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