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three page record edit

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I putting together a creative request form on our intranet. I have the request and decided to break it into 3 html pages, contact info, request info, and shipping. Because only 1/4 of the people need to fill out shipping I would like to make it an option after filling out the request info. For example, on the request page I would like to have a button that says "complete request" and a link that says "click here if you have shipping." They could fill out the shipping and hit a submit button and go back to the request page.

No matter what I've tried I can't get everything to work. When I test the setup I can successfully create a new request and add info with the contact info page. Then I add info on the request page. if I hit the submit button, everything is fine and the info is added to the FMPro database, if I hit the link to take me to the shipping info page, everything is lost.

I've tried everything. The request info page is a form with standard tags; db-, recid-, lay-, format- and error-. The link to the shipping page was <a href="FMPro?-DB=db.fp3&-Format=rslt.htm&-RecID=[FMP-CurrentRecID]&Country=USA&-Edit"> . I think my problem lies in the link.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Your problem is with the link, your link simply takes the user to a different page, no where in the link does it take the information that the user has filled out and transfers it to the database.

What you can do is create a field in your database called something like "request" and have a value list with "Complete Request" and "Shipping". Then on the first form, have 2 radio buttons asking them which one they want.

When they hit the submit button, instead of going to the next form page, create a page that has only CDML if statements. if 'request' = complete then go to the next form page, else go to the shipping info.

I hope this works!

Anita smile.gif

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try this...

On the first form page, use the -New action tag to create the record. Use the -Format tag to take them to page 2.

On page 2 use the -Edit tag to add more data to the record. The -Fornmat tag will take them to page 3.

Page 3 is a bit trickier. You can do it with another field in your database (let's call it "NeedShipping") and make it display as a check box on your web page.

They fill out page 3 and check the "Need Shipping" box if they need to fill out the shiping info. The button activates the -Edit action, the -Format takes them to page 4.

Page 4 has an IF/Else statement at the top based on whether the "NeedShipping" field was checked. If it was checked the IF returns a page that has the form with the shipping details and an -Edit action tag. If they didn't select "NeedShipping" then the IF returns a "That's it, goodnight and thank you!" message.

That should work.

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This topic is 8740 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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