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Batch Import of PDF files

William Mead

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If (and only if) you had a list of the filenames in a field (called say "PDFnames"), you could write a script along the lines of:


set variable [$loops , $loops + 1)]

exit loop if [$loops > valuecount(PDFnames)]

set variable [$whichPDF , middlevalues(PDFnames,$loops,1)]

set variable [$filename , "file:" & $whichPDF]

new record/request

insert file [containerField , $filename]

end loop

This, as I say, will only work if you have the list of PDF filenames in a field.

If you are using (or can use) a mac, this could be automated fairly easily by running a simple AppleScript to "get the name of each item of folder xxxx" before doing the routine above.

I'm not sure how to do this on Windows, but a question in the Visual Basic/ActiveX section would probably not be a bad idea.

Good luck!


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James, thank you for your response! That is very helpful. A friend of mine who is a good programmer whipped up a nice little solution too. It also requires applescript and therefore must run on a mac.

This solution has one very simple (but beyond my programming skills) script that basically works just like the import -> folder of images function in the Filemaker File menu. You run the script and it prompts you to pick the folder then puts the files in a container field and the names of the files in a text field.

I am attaching the file with his fully functional example with his permission. It is for version 7 and up and completely unlocked and available for study.

I hope this thread is useful for someone else.


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This topic is 5681 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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