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Date format problem

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Does anyone know whats going on here ???-

in my filemaker pro 5 database i have a date field. this automatically adds the current date when a new record is added. The date displays in filemaker in UK format which is consistent with the set up of the machine.

However!... when i return a date to a web page thru my browser (netscape and explorer).. its in american format with the day and month reversed...

also when i enter a date to search the database via a web form i have to type it in american format for the search to work the way it should!... but in the actual filemaker database file it is in UK format and so is the setting of the machines i have tested it on!

whats up with that then?

cheers.. AK

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FMP can accept dates entered into a field in different formats (like 12/31/2000 or 12.31.2000). Independently of this, the date field can be formatted separately on a layout-by-layout basis to display in a different format.

For instance, a person could enter "12/31/2000" but it could be formatted to display as "Monday December 31, 2000" on the layout.

Now here is the tricky bit: when you click into the date field, the date display will momentarily *revert* back to the way it was entered. Exit the record though and FMP will display it using the field formattting.

This is what you could be seeing. It is normal.

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This topic is 8726 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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