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Tokens, again...

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I still have a problem with tokens and would appreciate some help.

I have a URL to a page that contains the token, -token.1=categoryname. On the following page is a field that's used to display the contents of the token, [FMP-currenttoken:1]. This all works fine.

My problems start when I try to carry forward token 1 to the next page and collect token 2, -token.2=[FMP-field tongue.gifroductcategories: tongue.gifroducttype] from this page. The entire URL looks like this:

<a href="[FMP-link:dlrfsktma]-db=manufacturerindex.fp5&-lay=table&-format=manulist.htm&producttypename=[fmp-field tongue.gifroducttypejoin: tongue.gifroducttypename]&manufacturerfinished=1&-sortfie ld=manufacturername&-sortorder=descending&-token.1=[fmp-currenttoken:1]&-token.2=[fmp-field tongue.gifroducttypejoin: tongue.gifroducttypename]&-max=10&-find">

The third page has a request to display both tokens on the page:


The contents of the first token are returned but not the second. If I remove the second token this comes back - but the two won't work together even though the URL shows them.

All of the pages are originated via URLs. Do I need to put some further code on the page to access these tokens?

many thanks


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This topic is 8642 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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