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center window script

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I have an old script for centering a window, but now on an intel mac it is not working, any suggestions?

Distance from Top

(Get ( ScreenHeight ) - Abs(Get(SystemPlatform) + 1) * 150 - Get ( WindowContentHeight )-35) / 2

Distance from Left

(Get ( ScreenWidth ) - (Get ( WindowContentWidth )+14)) / 2

//14 add to width for mac scroll bar

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I think the problem is Abs(Get(SystemPlatform) + 1)

That's like saying

Abs( 1 + 1 ) // =2 on Intel Mac

Abs( -1 + 1 ) // =0 on PPC Mac

Abs( -2 + 1 ) // =1 on Win2000 or XP

should be

Abs(Get(SystemPlatform)) + 1

Seems like it wouldn't have worked right before either!

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