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Relationship between Contact Table and Donor Table

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I have a database that holds contact info and donor info. Obviously there is only one contact entry (Jane Doe) with multiple donation entries (supported fundraiser 1, fundraiser 2, fundraiser 3). I've created the tables but want to know how to relate them so that I can click on the person's name and select multiple donor categories. I would like to be able to do this on the form and the table format.

I know this is pretty basic question. But how do I do this?;)

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Hello Archipelaga

You will need the following tables

• Contacts:

to store all your contacts, clients, donors, etc...

• DonationsLine:

this will be a child of your Contacts table. Create a relationship between contacts and Donations using id/key/serial fields "check allow creation". Put a portal using this relationship on your Contacts layout. You should be able to click in portal to crate a DonationsLine record. You can create as many as needed.

• DonationCategories:

This table will contain all your donation categories. A record for each category.

Create a value list that works of this table.

> Use values from field

> choose the DonationCategories table

> select the id/key/serial field and display second field with the category name

> check include all values

Assign this value list to your match field in your DonationsLine portal in your Contacts layout.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Added Demo File. Corrected a spelling error.

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