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Script to open new record

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hi all, I need to create a script for open the new record by my field is Empty.

Field name: Over Limit

If my Over Limit field are IsEmpty then pass to open the new record, if Over Limit field are not IsEmpty come out a message "This Customer Are Over Limit".

Can this done? Thank for your help! ;)

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If(Not IsEmpty(Overlimitfield)

Show Custom Dialog( "Customer is over limit";Ok;Cancel)

If (GetLastMessageChoice = 1)

Exit Script()



Set variable($CustID;CustomerID)

New record Request

Set Field(CustomerID;$CustID)


This should work. There may be a few bugs (I never get a script to work on the first shot) so you may have to fool around with it a little.



Ooops, don't believe you can use the variable in FM 7. May need to set up a global field (gCustID)

Not sure how to do that in 7 since I have never used it. All the rest should work.

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