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Online Form with automatic serial key transfer among files?

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Hello to all,

Concerning my data model I have the following question:

My data model consists of 1 object schools and 2 other objects teachers and courses.

The schools and the teachers as well as the schools and the courses are each connected through a 1-to-n relationship: So 1 school has many teachers and 1 school has many courses. (I now that here a n-to-n relationship would have been better, but for the beginning it is ok like that).

As matching field I used a serial key, which means that the school is linked with teachers and courses through a key number. Thus one school has one key. In the school file this key is generated automatically as serial key and is unique. With regard to 1-to-n relationships one key can occur more than one time in the teachers and courses file.

My question is now: My database should serve as an online questionnaire (online form). The user of the database should be able to enter the data for one school and the referring teachers and courses without caring about the key.

In other words: There will always be one representative for one school who will fill out the questionnaire on my computer.

How can I do it now, that when one person enters data, the key of the schools file is brought automatically to the teachers file and courses file (for one person who fills in the questionnaire)?

e.g.:B A person enters the name of one school and the name of 3 teachers. Every teacher is one separate record in the teachers file. And all 3 teachers need the same key of the particular school. In this situation the key should be allocated automatically to the teachers and courses file.

In other words: how can I create an online formula?

Hope my question is not much too confusing.

Thanks from Uganda


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