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Portal Auto Data Return

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I have a contact table and a conference table. Both have serial # IDs attached to their records. I am trying to make a portal on the Contact layout to allow me to make a list of the conferences that a specific contact has attended. In my portal table I have a drop down list that lists all of the conferences. Once a user selects a conference from the list, I want the start date and end date to be included automatically into the table (the dates can be found in the conference table). How do I do this?

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I am assuming that you have a join table between contacts and conferences, "Attendance".

Contacts <->>Attendance

__kP_Contact ID <-->> _kF_ContactID


_kF_ConfID <<-> __kP_ConfID

Attendance Table




On Contacts, your portal is to the Attendance table. Allow for records to be created in the relationship. Format the ConfID field to be a popup with a value list of Conferences (ID-Name) showing only the second field (name).

Finally, just add the start and end date to the portal row, turning off entry in Browse mode.

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Added Attendance Table Fields

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I followed the steps for relating the table and creating the portal, but it still won't enter the dates automatically. I tried adding the date fields by creating new fields and then placing them in the portal, and I also tried adding them using the Portal wizard dilogue boxes. They are linked to the Conference table. I turned off data entry in the browse mode for the date fields. This obviously is not the right way to be doing it, since it doesn't work. What did I do wrong?

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