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problems with Execute SQL

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I have a script that pushes information in an oracle table.

The script step is Execute SQL, it has the "no dialog" option checked, and it's using a calculation to create the query.

Whenever i run this command I get error 23000 back from odbc (which is "integrity constraint violation").


if i run the exact command but I don't use a calculation for the query, and i give it the query straight up it works.

It also works if I use the calculation query BUT i uncheck the "no dialog" option... then i asks me what query i want to run (and it displays the calculation it came up with) and then what DNS entry i want to use and then username and password and then runs the command and it works...


1. if i pass a string query directly written down (so not a calculation) it works

2. if i pass a calculated query with no dialog it doesn't work

3. if i pass a calculated query WITH dialog then it works.


I tested this in 8.5 Advanced and 8 Advanced on a windows xp pro machine.

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Not without seeing any code...

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