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Set info from the middle of one portal to the end of another.

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Hi everyone,

I thought I had this nailed but it is not working as expeceted.

Here is the scenario:

I have run out of screen real estate in one layout. because of this I want to script a button that opens a new small window with a portal(s)at displays the infomation I need. In this case 2 portals...One is for default colorization, the other historical colorization.

Then I want to be able to set the information from any row in the window portal to the portal row being worked in the current "main" layout.

Basically I need to set field:

PORTAL A Row XX on layout 2


PORTAL B row XX on layout 1

Is this possible?

I have no problem getting the information into the proper row of the Main Window I am working in. the problem is it is grabbing the information from the wrong ro of the portal in the second window.



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You could try to make this work under fm8.5 ...as far as I can tell is it only to add a Commit Record step in the Move script of this solution:



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Thanks for the Tip SD. This should work but may be very tricky to incorp[orate into what I am building. I think I might be looking at an all nighter!


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