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How to change password from web publishing

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I have just posted a new data base using Filemaker server Advanced 8 and I am using the web publishing option. I set up the accounts and priviledges so that when people login they will have to change their password (I checked the box). If I use the data base on my computer it works fine, it walks me throught the password change process. But I want this to work when people hit the database from the web. Right now when they hit the site it pops up that the password has expired. If I leave the change password on login box unchecked a person can log right in. Is this option not available from the web or am I missing somthing? Please send help.

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You may not be able to do so via the FMS default login. I would create a field in the table called "ChangePassword" and have the automatically enter on creation "No".

Once they login the first time via the web put an


goto layout(changepassword)


On that layout you can present to them an empty

field that they must enter a new password into and save that back to their account via a script step "Reset Account Password" or "Change Password" once that is done successfully set the "No" to "Yes"



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