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I'm Stuck - Moving Information Between Portals

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Hi Everyone,

This might belong in the scripting section but since it is all about portals I thought I would start here.

Attached is a work in progress for me. If anyone wants to look and help me out I would appreciate it. I am up against a deadline and can't afford to much more time for on the job training. The account name is Admin, there is no password set. The open script should take you to the layout and fields in question.

If you look at the "embroidery layout" you will see two portals on the far right side. One portal displays default coloring information taken from the related EMB Designs table, the other portal displays self joined "historical" coloring information that is taken from previous orders.

The arrow above the "delete portal row" garbage can is a script that sets (set field) the default colors to the currnet color sequence fields in the main portal titled "embroidery portal." This script works fine...no problems.

What I am unable to do is write a script that will set the color sequence from any one of the historical orders displayed to the portal row currently being working in. I have written a script that kind of works, but I can only get it to grab the information from the first portal row.

I am at the point where I am prepared to tell my boss that for the historical information we just have to "Type it in" but that seems so lame and it leaves us wide open to data entry errors.

In the sample provided there are two portal rows currently filled. What would be my ultiimate goal is to set the information in the historical portal row for the ORANGE GARMENTS (second row in historical portal) to portal row 3 through a script.

There are currently only 3 designs loaded in the related "EMB Designs" data base, 777, 888 and 999. If you enter of those 3 numbers in the Design Number field the default colros will display in the related portal. However, only 999 has historical information at this time.

This project is still in rough shape as it is a work in progress. I have not programmed any of the navigational buttons or tab orders yet and there are some unused layouts. Yellow Fields are intended for data entry, greyed out fields are the result of calculations and are not meant to be entered but I have not "blocked them yet.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


PS in order to get this to fit the servers "size" limitations I had to go back in and strip out some graphics and any images I was using for testing purposes. Usually when a "embroidery design" number is entered the look up field pulls the appropriate image. I had to strip all of that out.


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If you look at the "embroidery layout" you will see two portals on the far right side

Do you take us for crackers, please ....a password!


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There is no password....Account name is Admin, no password.

I'm sorry if I was not clear on that earlier.


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