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Jimmy Buck

Importing from FM 5.0 to FM 8.5

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We created an Accounts Payable System using 8.5,

one of the daily tasks is to extract/import data from our MFG Application (developed with 5.0) to a set of tables in AP - when we try to do the import FM 8.5 wants to convert the file - which we can't allow - is there a way to open a FM 5.0 using 8.5 and importing the data or do I need to build script on 5.0 and create another file type with the data I need for the AP system?


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Yes, I think you'll have to Export a delimited text file(s), then Import that. You'll find that the Import dialog is much improved in 8 anyway. I think the Merge format would be good; it's comma-separated, but has the field names as the 1st row, convenient to line things up. Check the "[x] First row has field names" option, to avoid importing the names.

You'll have to do the Export, then Import separately, as you can't call an 8.5 script from a 5/6 file.

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Turn on XML export from the FM5 file.

Create a script in FM8.5 import records from an XML source.

Select Import Records

Select XML Source

Type in the URL and search paramerters into the URL

The 8.5 will import records from the FM5 file. (container fields don't work, but the rest come across.)

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