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URGENT !!! Internet Explorer 7 problem

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Hi all,

IE7 will not let you to pass parameters in a http link !!!

I have a client that upgraded to IE7 and since then he is getting "404 file not found".

It is working fine in other browsers.

Here is the MSDN article.

Any Idea how to overcome this issue?

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I'm not sure, but it seems the answer is in the article: “convert extended characters into the escaped versions of these characters”. That is you need to HTTP-encode extended characters, if any. Try first to submit a request without extended characters to see if this is indeed the case. If yes, look in Google about HTTP encoding.

UPD: I assumed you used web publishing, while now I believe you use WebViewer. Yet the idea is same: see if you use non-ASCII or other non-HTTP safe characters and escape them.

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