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Send Mail and include multiple related records...???

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I'm trying to send an email and include multiple related records in the body of the email.

Specifically this is a task manager app that I've put together that consists of the following tables:



These tables are related by AssignmentID, and of course, you can have multiple notes for a single assignment.

I have a button that is used to mark an assignment complete. This fires a script which sets a couple of fields in the assignment table for that assignement and sends an email to the assignment creator informing them that it's been completed.

I'd like to include all the notes in this email but I'm only able to get the first note to come in. I was thinking maybe I could create a calc. field that would include all notes separated by ¶ or something like that but I'm having trouble figuring that out as well. I can only get 1 of the notes to go into any calc. that I come up with.

Any information on how I can accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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you could use the list function in a calc field to gather the assignments.

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