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JDBC Tutorial form scratch?

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Anyone know a good JDBC to Filmaker Pro Tutorial that walks you though the process of connecting and accessing data from the starting point on a windows box.

Ex: I have Java installed and build utilities with it regularly. I have a filemaker DB, where do I go from here...

I am not really familiar with ODBC/JDBC setups... A tutorial that can get me to a simple java app that pulls data via an SQL statement would be ideal.

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The topic below might help.


Here's some additional info for setting up JDBC.

- How to get FM JDBC client driver.

You will find the installer in 'xDBCJDBC Client Driver Installer' folder of your product CD.

Double click 'sljcinstaller.jar' to launch installer.

Choose 'Install Directory' wherever you want.

The client driver 'sljc.jar' is installed in '{INSTALL_DIR}driverlib' folder.

- How to publish your database using xDBC.

Open 'Define Accounts & Privileges' dialog from file menu.

Select 'Privilege Sets' tab.

Enable 'Access via ODBC/JDBC (fmxdbc)' for every privilege set you want to allow access.



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