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portal-to-portal communication

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I have 3 tables that I want to display on a form. The tables are related parent -> child -> child where the parent table is behind the form and the child tables are two portals.

If I select a certain record in a pop-up menu field from the child table (in portal), how can I get the corresponding value to display in the child portal field next to it?

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if what i think you are trying to do is have the content in the right portal change with a selection in the left portal, it's easy.

1st, you need to change your join to the right portal. You need the join to be from a global field that exists in the parent table to the key field in the right portal.

then, all you do is have a script that sets the global field to the key field value of whatever record is selected in the left portal and voila, the right portal changes.

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