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Flailing to Validate

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I am a newcomer to FM, tasked with setting up a solution to track foreign language translation assignments. I got a FileMaker book, studied up, and produced a rough solution that has been in use for a couple weeks now. After a few tweaks, most things are working.

The translating projects involve specific text segments that go from English into one of a handful of target languages. There is a TRANSLATORS table, where each translator is associated with a particular language. There are several translators that handle Spanish, several that handle Russian, etc.

Assignments are made using an ASSIGNMENTS table, and when each assignment comes back, it then gets assigned to a different translator for review, which is also entered in ASSIGNMENTS, then it goes to yet another for a second review.

It would be nice (though not essential) to set up a validation that would avoid sending an assignment out for review to the wrong translator. For example, we don't want to send a translated French segment to a Russian translator for review. Maybe I could force selection of reviewer from a restricted list of translators--only those who deal in the target language? Another possibility would be to pop an error message if a wrong translator were picked. Is there a way to do this? So far my reading (book and help), searches, and multiple stabs in the dark have failed to find one. I am flailing.

If you would like to see my table relationships:


Any and all suggestions gratefully welcomed.

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Hello FrankNewbie

A clean way to do this is through a value list that uses a relationship to constrain what is displayed to the user. Search the FM help to read up on value lists. If you have no joy I can email you a sample showing you how it is done.



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