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J. Williams

Find Works in 8, but not in 7?

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Hopefully this is the right place to ask this, provided I can articulate it...

I have a rather complicated calculation field ("Project Category," shown below) that results in one of four text results.

In the layout, the Project Category field format is a pop-up list that uses a value list compiled with the four possible text results from the calculation.

Everything worked fine in 5 & 6 and worked fine in 8, after conversion; however, when accessed by staff using 7, the find will not work in that if you enter find mode, type or select the text value and hit enter, it returns records that don't match the search.

I fear this may be a bit much for folks to help with, but am hoping...

Calculation Field

Case( ForceArchive = 1, "Archived",

ProjectCategoryOverride <> "", ProjectCategoryOverride,

(CStatus::Accepted Date <> "" or OverwriteAcceptedDate <> "") and (HCRecdDate <> "" or HConFile = "As-Built Plans" or HConFile = "Contract Plans") and (DRSLoadDate <> "" or DRSLoaded = "As-Built Plans" or DRSLoaded = "Contract Plans") and (ACsRecdDate <> "" or ACsOnFile = "As-Built Plans" or ACsOnFile = "Contract Plans") , "Archived",

(CStatus::Accepted Date <> "" or OverwriteAcceptedDate <> "") and (HCRecdDate <> "" or HConFile = "As-Built Plans" or HConFile = "Contract Plans") and (ACStatus = "Pending" or DRSStatus = "Pending"), "Pending TIF Upload and/or AC Receipt",

CStatus::Accepted Date <> "" or OverwriteAcceptedDate <> "", "Post CCA", "Pre CCA")

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