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On Entry trigger

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I have a problem we are stuck on. We need to capture the value of fields on entry, before they have been modified. We need a way that is independent of layout tricks, like putting a button over the field to capture the data. We are trying to create an audit trail that we can randomly assign to any field, and they want the before and after values on one line in the audit file. I can get the EventScript plugin to successful work on the first field that is entered using the security setup. However, this only works for the first one. If I commit the record between fields, I lose my place in the tab order, unless I name all objects on a layout, which we are not willing to do because of not wanting anything that is layout dependant. Of course, what we want may not be possible, I fully understand. Anyway, I’m going nuts. If anyone has any ideas on plugins that can do this or fancy FileMaker tricks, I’m all ears. Thanks,


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I found this to be quite nice when I was looking for something along the same lines as you.


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