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Open Remote on LAN

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I try to open the database remotely from an other mac on the LAN network, but i can't see the file.

I'm using the same Filemaker7Pro at the 2 mac, do you think that this is the problem??

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Seeing the file on OS level is pure and simple a faulty deployment, Filemaker is as such Lan/Wan'ed via a protocol, which is done via the Open Remote in what's misleadingly is located in the "...Files" menu 4th item.

But if you need to share a solution, must you own separate licenses for each peer, or share the solution via IWP which has it's very design specific issues. There are scripting restrictions as well as rendering issues and committing isues for the data displayed, which needs special attention, in the design process.

That being said could a lot be achieved with propper dedication if you deside to IWP the solution, but it's a little penny wise pound foolish in my humble opinion, after having been hired to make CF and relational approaches for a geezer insisting on cashing in the most on a solution by selling IWP'ed solutions to organizations.

Money which much easier could have been spend on buying enough licenses instead on money spend on developing things that easily would take twice or trice the development time to optain under IWP. When it comes to it not the time the developmetn takes as much as the debugging a faulty behaviour, which is due to added complexity takes a lot more to nail.

Looking back is it a very low ROI on a geekish endevour, that I can't recomment, unless you're schrewed enough to let your clients pay for all the debugging ...which in fact only foil wrapped solutions can afford. Filemaker has it uses, but not really in anything but customized solutions.

So get out an buy more licenses!


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