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Mauro da Vela

Workflow scheduling

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This is the first time I participate to this forum. English is not my own language (I am Italian) but I'll try to do my best.

Is there anybody with some experience on scheduling with FMP? I need to make a program to control the workflow in a manufacturer factory.

I have a long experience on developing solutions with FMP but never faced to planning or scheduling + showing the workflow on a Gannt graphic table.

Practically, I need to control all the steps from Order to Shipment, passing through all the production units.

My problem is to decide which system to use, to plan all the Task Phases taking in consideration all the other previously planned.

I already have some ideas but I am afraid to start such a long programming on the wrong direction.

I have a certain experience on Project software and I am quite confidential to Task, Resouces, milestone etc.

I have already tested all the other parts of the program with a good result. My problem is how (and where) to keep track of all the dates (Planned Start, Actual Start, duration, Actual Finish, Planned Finish etc) the the works on the Production Schedule also because if a Task Phase is "late" all the schedule must be recalculated.

I also need to optimize the process because there should be probably 200 works and about 6 task Phases each one lead by a different Resource (means also different calendar).

Too complicate? Also a little suggetion can help me a lot.

Many thanks

Mauro, Florence, Italy.

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This is also something that SkedPro does. You can download a copy of Schedula Professional at www.LifeSuccess.org.

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Thanks! I'll give a look to Schedula Professional.

I've already seen the works of seedCode, great job! but not what I need.

Thanks a lot to both of you.

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