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Our New FREE exe plugin(tm) for Switching Printers.

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Welcome to SwitchPrinter! Our exe plugin to switch printers automatically.

'Cause switching printers should be free

Copyright 2007 Youseful Software www.youseful.com

Version 1



This exe plugin allows you

1) To select records to print

2) The Printer to print to.

3) whether or not you want to show the dialog



Copy the exe plugin SwitchPrinter2.exe to the same directory as your FileMaker exe.

How to Use


Basically you send this exe a string made up of the following:

1) PrinterName (as shown in the Printers&Faxes folder)

2) Records to Print as a number. (0 - Records being browsed, 1 - Current

Record, 2 - Blank Record)

3) Whether to Show the Printer Dialog (0 - No, 1 - Yes)

This string is pipe deliminated.

For example :) FAX|1|1

This says print to FAX/Current Record and Show the print Dialog.

FileMaker has a script step called SendEvent. There is a calculation option.

Basically, you build the string and add the exe plugin's name.See enclosed Demo for Details.


There is a "hidden" parameter. Instead of FAX|0|1 , you would have

FAX|0|1|25 . This parameter defaults to 25. If it doesn't work reliably

increasing the number to 50,75,100 should help.

This exe plugin will be incorporated as a base part of the forthcoming Select Printer 4.

exe plugin is a trademark of Youseful Software

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