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Please help me :( Portal and Info in Same Layout

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I would like to thank everyone ahead of time for the help they give on this forum.

If you could help me out, it would be appreciated.

I have 3 tables: Location, Bid Items, and Location Estimate.

In Locations, I want the address of the work, and some random comments.

In Bid Items, I have 3 different bid items for three different types of work with their respective prices, unit of measurement, and specific codes.

Now the tricky part:

I have a Location Estimate table where I want to mingle all of them. I want to be able to on the top of the screen pull up a location by a pull-down screen, then on another pull-down field pick a bid item. Once the bid item is selected, its respective price will come up and then I can enter a quantity--which will automatically calculate a total price for that bid item. Now I got all of that so far.

My problem comes into when I finished putting information for my first bid item for my first location, when I want to put in a second bid item for that same location, it shows up in the portal but it does not specifically keep the "bid item name" in the field. If I put a new bid item in on the second record, it keeps the first bid item unit price but changes the name to the second bid item name. And if I put a third bid item for the same location, the first two keep its price and quantity but changes to the third bid item's name.

I would like to see:

Location Bid Item Name UOM QTY Bid item Total

1 1 concrete sy 5 100

1 2 asphalt sy 5 80

1 3 Sidewalk sy 5 40

Instead of:

Location Bid Item Name UOM QTY Bid item Total

1 1 concrete sy 5 100

1 2 concrete sy 5 80

1 3 concrete sy 5 40

Sorry for the long post, hope I explained it correctly.

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Usually, When you are having problems with data within portals it has something to do with your relationships. Since you don't mention that you even have any relationships defined I would start there. Perhaps you would like to post a clone of your file or at least explain your relationships.

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