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Emma in England

Set field with name from Variable

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I have several fields which get acted on by very similar scripts, with small differences. So I'm trying to make the script as multi-purpose as possible so when I improve it I can just copy it and tweak a couple of lines.

So, among other things, I want it to read the text in the field into a variable, perform a calculation (to strip out unwanted tabs etc) and replace the text.

I have:

Set Variable[$TextToProcess;Value:Get(ActiveFieldContents)]

I would like to then do:

Set Variable[$CurrentField;Value:Get(ActiveFieldName)]

and then

set field $currentField .... to the result of my calculation.

But I can't see any way to put a calculation or variable into the 'set field' (I mean the name of the field, not what to put in it).

Hope I've explained myself clearly, it doesn't look like it to me...

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That's great! You don't even have to 'name' the object. Just saying

Go to Object[ObjectName: $FieldToProcess]

took me to the correct field without fiddling about assigning names via the objects pallette.

My related scripts are brilliant now - only 2 lines different in each one (where the variables are assigned) which makes improving them so much easier.


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