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pulling data from one table to another - prob solved :)

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this is prob easy, but aren't all things when you know how : ... i've got a database which has an area for taking notes (like for phone conversations, etc) has about 6-8 fields - client name, client ID, phone number, note reference (title), the note itself, called by, created date ...

http://jleeinc.com/sma/note.jpg - screenshot

and from there, i want to be able to pull specific data to essentially a list view of activity for a specific day :

http://jleeinc.com/sma/callbackreport.jpg - screenshot

i'm not sure how to grab the data for a specific date ... do i need scripts to call for the client ID, client name, note ref, and created date to match the date specified?

hopefully i'm not being too confusing ... basically in english its, show all records (displaying the fields: client ID, Client name, Note reference, and Created Date) for "this specified" date ... i'm just not sure how to create the script to do that ...

any help is more than appreciated !

if more clarification and/or screenshots are needed, please advise, i'll be happy to add more ..


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Why not relate the two tables together, using the date field, and display the data in a portal?

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