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On-line questionnaire with Filemaker

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I'am using filemaker extensively for programme and project management.

We would like to do an academic survey, which the participants can fill out in their browser. The survey is quite extensive (5 pages A4). I do not have much experience with on-line forms and filemaker custom web publishing but assume that this should be possible with FM Server. Unfortunately I could not find any documentation how to do questionnaires and surveys with filemaker.

Any advice and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.

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You would need FMSA for either publishing the survey with CWP (custom web publishing) or IWP (instant web publishing), FMS only has no web capabilities.

I had once programmed a costum online survey with CDML. It was able to remember the position where the user had quit the survey, so when he came back, it continued at the point where he quit.

In essence, its about

- setting up a table that has one record per participant and for each question an answer field (you may also normalize this further by creating a separate table for the questions and a cross-connection table for particants - answers - questions)

- editing this table with web forms

- adding security so that the user can not fill out the survey more than once. CWP is better suited for that than IWP.

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How about this?


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