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Combining Tables

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I'm migrating from ver 5.0 into 8.5 and have what probably is a basic question.

What is the advantage [after conversion of the 5.0 tables] of combining all the separate tables into a single table? I can appreciate that I now have fewer tables to manage, but don't seem to grasp any significant processing advantages.

Some explanation would be appreciated.


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Hi Arny

There has been quite a bit of discussion on this matter and the general concensus seem to be that there aren't any significant processing advantages to be had. It is more I think a matter for personal choice.

One might be able to issue an update to one file only if the files are kept seperate. Also one might have to only shut down one part of the system for maintenance if you keep seperate files.

Like I said I think it is a question of personal choice.

Not to be pedantic but I assume that you meant that if you were to combine all the files into one you would have less files to manage. You should still have the same number of tables as you once had files



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