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Account Name Calc

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I have a field that I want to use to record the account name of the user who modifies a refund field. The calculation looks like this:

[color:red]Case ( Refund = "Yes"; RefundEnteredBy = Get ( AccountName ) )

By default the refund field is set to 'No'. Therefore, if the user changes that to 'Yes' then I want the RefundEnteredBy field to record who changed it. So far, all this does is return a zero and not the account name. I've tried altering this many different ways with the exact same result. All zeroes.

Any thoughts?


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You've set up RefundEnteredBy = Get(AccountName) as the result of a Case statement. What you want as the result is Get(AccountName). You've been getting a 0 because that's the 'false' result of the test RefundEnteredBy = Get(AccountName), assuming no users have the AccountName of "Yes".

Change "RefundEnteredBy = Get(AccountName)" to "Get(AccountName)".

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yeah. like david said

calc should be :(

Case ( Refund = "Yes"; Get ( AccountName ) )


Case ( Refund = "Yes"; RefundEnteredBy = Get ( AccountName ) )

because RefundEnteredBy calc = Case ( Refund = "Yes"; Get ( AccountName ) )


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