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Create a Matrix Report

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I've got a Filemaker solution that I'm working on and I've run into some difficulty. I'm trying to create a timetable matrix report for a school information system - but it seems pretty difficult to do what I want.

The report will have columns representing each term, which are managed by adding/removing records in the tblTerm table.

The rows in each table are the individual periods that appear in the schedule, these are managed in the tblPeriod table.

The information that needs to be displayed in the rows/columns comes from tblCourseEnrolment, and contains information such as CourseCodes, CourseNames, CourseTeacher, CourseRoom, CourseTerm, etc.

The tricky part is that the number of terms and periods are variable, and that in the course enrollment varies between terms.

I've attached a PDF with a sample of what I'd like the end product to look like, with some notes and additional information.

I realize this is pretty demanding, if you have another suggestion on how to do something like this, or a different way to organize it, let me know :


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Here are two threads that could get you started:



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