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Migrating FM6 relational DB's to FM7 Tables

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Hope I'm in the right forum (if not please move me!).

Is it possible to take several FM6 databases which are relational, and turn them into 1 FM7 database as multiple tables?

If so, how??? :-)

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How: either buy FM Robot, or re-build everything into the main file. The ability to Copy & Paste tables and files in FMP Advanced makes this much, much easier.

My experience (and that of many others) is that any FM6 system of reasonable complexity is better off being re-written in the latest version (especially so with FMP 9.0).

By all means do a conversion, but use this as a prototype for the new system. If necessary put the conversion into production while the re-write is being done.

You MUST read the migration white paper at the FMI web site.

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I see there is an import button in the Define Tables dialog box, and it imports the fields, but no layouts or value lists. I can paste in the layouts, re-create the value lists, but then, after setting up the relationships, I must re-direct the scripts to perform correctly.

Thankfully, when I paste in the layout, the fields appear to hook up correctly and automatically.

Any other details anyone would like to add? Any gotcha's I haven't run into yet? No doubt there will be.

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There is a specific order that's useful to follow to avoid having to fix references to elements:

1. Import or retype the fields.

2. Add any necessary relationships, making sure the TOs have the same names.

3. Define blank layouts with the same names as those from the original file.

4. Copy and Paste any necessary value lists.

5. Import any necessary scripts.

6. Copy and paste the layouts.

7. Go back and fix any calc definitions that were commented out.

8. Test everything.

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