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Get URL email problem

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I have set up a subscriber form which is accessed by externally using a web browser. Everything has been working fine up until recently when there have been subscriptions taking place without the corresponding subscriber welcome notices and admin notifications being delivered.

After some little time tracking this down I have noticed that on Windows PC Users' machines the web browsers are invariably set to block popups - having done some tests myself today. This is causing the Submit script which consists of just the following 3 steps:

Commit Records/Request [No dialog]

Open URL [No dialog; "http://etc........."]

Go to Layout ["scr_subSuccess" (Subscriber)]

It would appear that the Open URL script step is causing the PC users' web browser popup blocking function to activate and stop the email notifications being sent!

I wondered if anyone esle has experienced this issue and, if so, whether or not a solution has been found.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

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It would appear that I was correct about my reasoning that the web browser popup blocker is preventing the Open URL script step from running.

Thinking around the problem, if I remove the Open URL script step the Submit script should then run without error from a web browser. If I add another field to the Subscriber table - say SendMail - and add in a Set Field script step to populate the field with 'Y' immediately before lest script step of Submit, would the following work?

A calculated field - say checkSendMail - that checks the content of the field SendMail and if it = Y then runs a script Notify which just contains the original Open URL script step which fires off the email.

Any input would be welcome.

Thanks again.

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Am I right in saying that the zippScript and doScript Plug-ins will only run under FM Pro or FM Pro Advanced and not FM Server or FM Server Advanced?

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