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Boolean Calculation Help

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Hi Everyone! I Have no idea how to perfom this script.

I have a Radio field for customers who are 'Reseller', with radio buttons "Yes" and "No". I want another field called: 'Sales Tax Rate'

to calculate itself to add a sales tax value of .0825 for non-resellers and 0 for resellers

Basically i want the field 'Sales Tax Rate' to:

if [ ( Reseller) = "Yes" ]

return a 0 to field 'Sales Tax'


return 0.0825 to field 'Sales Tax'

Sorry if my coding is cheap im just a beginner.

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The "smarts" should be in the Sales Tax field, not the Sales Tax Rate field.

Sales Tax =

if (Reseller = "Yes" , 0, Sales Tax Rate * SubTotal)

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