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Filtering records

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FM 8.5. I have three tables: Logs, Miles, and Tax. Logs is related to Miles via record ID’s. I want to place a portal in Logs to only display records from Miles that are filtered by a criteria in Tax table. Is there a way to do this? For example, in the portal I want to show only those miles records that meet the criteria Flag = 1 in the related Tax table.

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You haven't told us what the heck Miles and Tax have to do with each other. I assume that there is a field in Miles that is a foreign key from Taxes? Because without some kind of connection between Miles and Tax there is no logical reason for what you say you want to do.

There's a couple ways to do it, depending on whether the Tax::Flag field can be looked up into Miles, that a Miles records is ALWAYS created after the Tax has been flagged. I assume not, because that is too simple.

1. Assuming there is a Tax ID in Miles, and FileMaker 8.5. In Logs create a "constant1" calculation field, =1. Create a relationship to Tax from that to the Flag. Create another calculation field in Logs, unstored, List ( Tax_Flag::TaxID ). This will evaluate to a return-separated list of the TaxIDs where Flag=1.

Create a relationship from that field to the TaxID field of Miles. That will give you the portal.

2. Assuming that Miles records are ALWAYS created after their Tax has been flagged. You could look up the Tax::Flag into Miles. Then just use a constant1 relationship from Logs to that flag field.

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This topic is 6179 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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