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Hosting of like-name files

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Okay, a bit of backstory then the question:

We have a Quotation system here that customer services/sales uses to quote parts. We have 2 facilities: FLA and TEN. FLA likes TEN's FileMaker Quotes system, and wants a "COPY" of the system hosted on another server that they can edit at will. Additional forms/tables in the existing DB is not an acceptable option (for no apparent reason).

Here's the question: let say there are 13 files associated with this system. Can I host that same set of files on two different FileMaker servers, with the same names and have all the links, etc. continue to funciton?


These servers will be on the same domain on the same network segment.

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Yes, it should work because if the files are on two different servers their URLs will be different.


is different from


But if they are both on the same network, and the clients can see each other, you need to be careful. It goes without saying that if any of the files hosted on server.ten.com referenced files at server.fla.com, then disaster would ensue!

So, before hosting either system, I would strongly recommend taking everything offline and, in single-user mode, going in to each FP7 file for both systems and reviewing the "File References" list. Check that each referenced file only has one, up-to-date, URL in it.

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Even better, use the FMP Advanced to re-name the files -- add a prefix to their names or something minor.

Of course, this will cause any hard-codes instances of the file name in calculations to break. If thewy do, change them to use the Get( FieldName ) function instead.

Havig two sets of files with the same name , even if on different servers, could cause any manner of problems. They'll start with reports of new records going missing... (they aren't missing, they're in the other file).

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