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max ny

Calculation/Formula-Deletion Privilege

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Dear FileMaker Gurus:

In single-user mode, FileMaker v.6, I can go to "File"Menu>"AccessPrivileges">"DefinePassWords">"DeleteRecords" and choose either "All" or "Limited."

If I choose "Limited," I will be asked to specify a "Formula" for controlling "Delete" Access to records.

Help me, please!

What I am trying to do is to clearly define and delineate the distinctions between the low-level privilege for Portal Row Deletion and the higher one for Record Deletion.

How to specify the calculation/formula?

Many thanks!

Max NY

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You need to specify a calculation that evaluates to true for the user to be allow to delete records.

This could something along the lines of who te current user is, otr anything else.

However, it's in the area of accounts and privileges that FMP 7 and later are significantly better than FMP 6 and eariler. SO much so that I'd advise stopping development in FMP 6 and upgrading to a later version.

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